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Mission Statement
As a wholly owned subsidiary of FWO, undertake all such functions which will ensure timely and cost effective fulfilment of the company’s all professional and contractual obligations as concessionaire of Lak Pass Tunnel BOT Project with no legal, financial, and corporate implications against the project interests.
Project Detail:

Project Name        :      

Design, finance, construction, improvement, building,Design, finance, construction, improvement, building,operation, maintenance and transfer of the Lak Pass Tunnel on the basis of Build-Operate-Transfer.

Concession Agreement:

Signed with NHA on 15 May 2006

Start Date              :       

May 2006

Concession Period  :        

25 Years (15 May 2006 - 14 May 2031)

Total Project Cost :           

Rs 1,400 Million

Contact Details
Phone No:             +92-42-35774231, +92-42-35774232
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 Fax:  +92-42-35774233