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Future Promise

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FWO has come up a long way since 1966. Based on the experience gained in various fields of civil engineering. FWO has established its competency in handling large projects. It has a large fleet of machinery, plant and equipment to undertake a variety of projects. Its organization in execution /supervision of work, its quick response to accept challenges and the speed of execution and lastly no compromise on quality / specifications are outstanding features. Its genius is best suited to undertake projects involving large scale earth moving, stone quarrying, asphalt concreting, RCC works and controlled blasting etc, especially in projects like:


  • Tunneling
  • Earthen Dams
  • Airfield Pavements
  • Construction of Bridges
  • Construction of Roads
  • Marine Structure

FWO has also brought about some of the following important changes in its organization to make it more vibrant and cost effective:


  • Established a separate directorate namely "Planning and Design Directorate" which has inherent capability of designing major projects.
  • Enhanced facilities for material testing
  • An independent branch has been set up to ensure quality control

FWO was dependent on other agencies for survey and investigation of projects, FWO now has inbuilt capability to carry out investigations and survey on its own. The financial management of projects has been improved. This has resulted in economy in completion cost of the project.