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Federal minister for climate Change Mushahidullah Khan inaugurated the horticulture plan of Frontier Work Organization on motorway 2.

Islamabad: Federal Minister for Climate Change Mushahidullah Khan emphasized the importance of forests in preserving the environment while inaugurated the horticulture plan of Frontier work organization on Motorway 2.

“The FWO has laid the foundation of work which is collective responsibility of all of us”, said by Federal Minister for Climate Change .He also stressed that our religion also prohibits cutting of trees during war times.The countries like Ethiopia has succeeded to reach target of 12 % forests on their land”, highlighted by minister.

The responsibility of damages faced by under developing countries due to climate change lies on developed nation because of their unsustainable development”, said by federal Minister while addressing the audience.

Major General Muhammad Afzal director General Fortier Work Organization also address the audience and said that eucalyptus  trees covering the  side areas of motorways will be replaced by new trees because these tress affected farmers and common man. He also announced that FWO will also plant 10 lac trees other than motorway in whole country.

The FWO initiated its plan to introduce horticulture plan on motorway 2 by organizing a ceremony at motorway. The federal minister for Climate Change Mushahidullah Khan inaugurated the plan by planting a plant. This plan includes to plant different kind of trees like amaltas, kachnaar, marigold, red rose, peepal, sheesham jaman etc on whole motorway depending upon the kind of land .This plan includes 6 lac tree plantation and is to be completed till 2018.This horticulture plan also includes converting of rest areas on solar energy.

Pakistan is declared most vulnerable country to climate change and is facing consequence in form of floods, droughts etc” said by the minister.

The Federal Minister also signed a memorandum of understanding with FWO in the end.

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