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Gwadar-Kashgar Cross Country Crude oil pipeline project is of National and strategic importance, Gwadar is near the Persian Gulf and close to the Strait of Hormuz, which holds two-thirds of the world oil reserves and from where an estimated 17 Billion barrels of crude oil passes daily. The Gwadar Kashgar Pipeline will give China quicker access to Europe and Middle East Countries, Currently China is importing around 8 Million barrels oil per day from different countries of the world via sea. The existing sea route being used by China passes through the risky south China Sea, comprising of the Strait of Malacca and Sri Lanka, Chinese ship have to cruise about 10,000 Km for reaching final destination that is lower China, the distance from lower China to upper China is further 3,000 Km. The suggestive cross country crude oil pipeline from Gawader to Kashger is of 3000 Km approximately hence reducing/ replacing the sea and land route of about 13,000 Km with reliable land route through pipe line network of 3,000 Km between Pakistan (Gawader) & China (Kasghar) resulting in to tremendous saving in terms of tariff and time to transfer crude to the destination in upper China.
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