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FWO is committed in development of Motorways / highways in Pakistan. During the currency of these projects, a lot of effort/ finances are exhausted on execution of ancillary works. Due to market inflation and unavoidable delay in completion, the execution cost of projects increase manifolds, thus a necessity to transform ongoing regimen for execution of these works was considered appropriate. Therefore, to economize the expenditure and meet the desired pace of on ground progress, a need was felt to manage the various ancillary works through central procurement, fabrication and supply chain. Henceforth, on the directions of DG FWO, Central Procurement Cell (CPC) has been established at HQ 495 Engineer Group under the aegis of HQ FWO. In this regard, central procurement for fence (wire mesh and posts), guard rail and kerb stone etc alongwith production/ fabrication of RCC pre-stressed posts and wire mesh has also commenced.
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