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 The Covid- 19, commonly known as Coronavirus began, like all new viruses, with a remarkably ordinary moment in late November, 2019. Pakistan, like all other countries, couldn’t escape from the epidemic. The Covid – 19 started smacking Pakistan from 26 February when two patients were reported Covid – 19 positive in Karachi. Much like with the novel Coronavirus, hospitals were overwhelmed as it started spreading in all parts of the country with tremendous growth.
Govt of Pakistan kicked off precautionary measures at wee hours and ordered immediate lockdown of the country. The major challenge, however, was to treat infected patients under best medical treatment with best sophisticated equipment. There was need of the hour to build a specific purposed hospital in the shortest span of time. National Institute of Health (NIH) and National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) put their heads together and suggested Federal Govt to construct a specific purposed hospital on war footing. The need of the hour was to select a construction company which could construct a special hospital in the shortest span of time.
 Frontier Works Organization (FWO) as by name, virtue and standard was selected by Govt of Pakistan for this herculean job. FWO’s history of making marvels and carving possibilities through impossibilities is vivid in world’s eyes. FWO accepted the challenge of constructing first ever prefabricated hospital of Pakistan in capital city in collaboration with NIH and NDMA. Prime Minister Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Imran Khan laid the foundation stone of Isolation Hospital and Infectious Treatment Centre (IHITC) on 26 March; henceforth, FWO teams, while ensuring proper anti- Coronavirus precautions, worked round the clock to accomplish this project in well stipulated time. The hospital was completed in record timeframe of just 35 days.
The 250 bedded prefabricated state of the art Isolation Hospital and Infectious Treatment Centre would be used to treat not only Coronavirus infected patients under best available equipment and medication, but also for treatment of other infectious diseases. The hospital consists of Patient Complex, Diagnostic Centre, Administrative Complex, Cafeteria / Canteen / Mosque and Residential Complex spread over 40 Kanals, with covered area of 70,000 square feet. FWO has constructed the hospital under provisions of Prefabricated Steel Structure Building, MEP Services, Medical Gases and HVAC along with other external services.
Director General FWO, Major General Kamal Azfar, made frequent visits to the site to inspect, guide and motivate FWO teams, working round the clock for this national cause. To view daily based performance and remain updated, FWO installed live monitoring cameras / CCTVs to monitor teams’ performance of the construction and get time – lapsed performance in the end. Pakistani Media also stood by Govt of Pakistan’s efforts in fighting against odd and gave daily based coverage to this project while highlighting significance of the project in wake of upcoming harder time.

FWO has once again shown and proved its duty in line of nation building while committing to its motto, “Sustaining Excellence”.
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