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Bridge of 1.20 KM over Indus River will provide a direct route from Rahim Yar Khan to Kot Mithan. Will link N - 5 to N - 55 on either side of river Indus. Will provide an alternate route between Punjab and Balochistan. When made fully functioned for traffic. Bridge has been successfully completed alongwith its ancillary works.
Project Details

 Proj Name:  Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Birdge on Indus river
 Proj Location within  Country: Punjab Chercharan Sharif Pakistan
 Name of Client / Sponsor: NHA
 Consultant:  REC – Loya JV
 No of Plants Employed: 58
 Start Date (Month / Year): Feb 2012
 Country:  Pakistan
 Scoop of Work: Construction of SBB Birdge
 No of Person  Employed:  Project completed
 Name of Associated  Firm (s) Nil
 Total Project Cost:  Rs 928 Mn
 Completion Date
May 2015
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