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The firm desirous of working with FWO is required to get itself registered with Headquarter Frontier Works Organization (FWO) Logistic Directorate (Central Registration Section). The centralized registration/categories of firm with fee structure is being introduced where Contractors / Sub contractors are grouped into 13 x Categories. Firm/contractor according to their field of work and tender participation limit can choose a particular category. After successful completion of Registration process firm/contractor will be allotted FWO number.

Steps for Registration

  • Firm/contractor will forward their introduction letter along with bank draft/pay order of Rs. 10000/- (non-refundable) in the name of HQ FWO or DG FWO as Initial Registration Fee to Central Registration Section.
  • 2 x set of attested documents will be prepared by firm/contractor mentioned at Check List and Annexure A to D.
  • 1x CD (Soft Copy) of all documents will be prepared which are mentioned at Check List and Annexure A to D.
  • Enlistment fee (Refundable) mentioned at Anx ‘E’ will be decided by firm/contractor and will be deposited in shape of pay order or bank draft in favour of HQ FWO or DG FWO.
  • Firm/Contractor will get themselves register (sign up) at “firmregistration44.org” after submission of registration documents at Central Registration Section. Login ID and Password will be shared on firm/contractor valid e-mail address for online entry of data. 1x CD will be separately prepared for data online entered for security clearance purpose.